24 Hours in Zurich

On our last full day in Switzerland we were up early for our train ride from Lucerne to Zurich–this final hour-long ride would complete our trip across the country! Click here to read more about our itinerary!

We spent most of the morning in the airport attempting to sort out some airline ticket issues so our day in Zurich was cut pretty short but we still felt like we got to see quite a bit of the city. We wouldn’t presume to suggest that just a few hours gives you enough time to get to know a city but we were glad with the amount of time we had to explore Zurich!


While we stayed in a nice hotel near the airport in order to take advantage of the hotel’s airport shuttle before our early morning flight, we quickly learned there was no reason to stay outside of charming Old Town Zurich. The train from the Zurich Hauptbahnhof to the airport takes just a few minutes!


Our afternoon in Zurich was spent wandering through Old Town, snapping photos, and enjoying our final helpings of fondue and rosti!



We spent most of our time perusing restaurant menus and wandering in and out of shops along Niederdorfstrasse and Munstergasse on the eastern side of the water.

We walked by Grossmunster Church and the Wasserkirche, across the Munsterbrucke, and into a large cobblestone square next to Fraumunster Church.


While we’d rather spend our time (and money) sampling food and drinks than shopping, we did wander from Bahnhofstrasse to Urianiastrasse to look into the windows of some of Zurich’s most famous shops. Like other Swiss cities, Zurich offers a unique balance between contemporary and classic.


Our afternoon ended with an early dinner at Swiss Chuchi. We also looked into dining at Le Dezaley and would have loved to have a second night (or bigger stomachs) to try it. Our meal at Swiss Chuchi was excellent and we were happy to savor every bite since we knew our next meal would be on the airplane home.


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